April 1-2, 2017
*photo courtesy of www.davidbajema.com
Griztek Auto Appearance & Offroad, GRZ Productions, and Shanty Creek Resorts are proud to bring the action back to the ski slopes at the 2017 Schuss Mountain Snow Challenge.  A few years ago an event was born with the hopes of being something special.  Little did anyone know that in just a short time it would grow to become one of the biggest events of the off-roading year.

The links below direct to all the details for the 2017 event.  If there are any questions not answered, please email SnowChallenge@GriztekUSA.com

General Rules and Information   [back]
  • Two Day event.  Saturday and Sunday
  • ​ALL competitors MUST register online and pay the registration deposit.  
  • Link to registration will open the beginning of February and run through first week of March .
  • No outside coolers or beverages allowed.  
  • Outside standing room only, but everyone is welcome and encouraged to bring a lawn chair.  
  • 1st round DOUBLE ELIMINATION.  Racers losing in the 1st round will shuffle back into a losers round for another chance to advance.  Winners from 1st round will advance but wait for the losers bracket to complete.
  • Single elimination after 1st round.
  • Only one(1) driver per vehicle.  No multiple driver vehicles allowed
  • Multiple VEHICLE entries are allowed, but each vehicle must be registered in different classes. (You can not race two different vehicles in the same class unless the second vehicle in entered with a separate driver)
  • Multiple TIRE CLASS entries are allowed.  An entry fee must be paid for each tire class entered.
  • Registrants must have a valid drivers license.
  • Drivers must be of age 18 and older.
  • 1st and 2nd place winners in each class receive $$MONEY$$ and placement trophy.  3rd and 4th place finishers will receive trophies. 
  • There is no RV parking available.  If RV provisions are needed, Chain O Lakes camp ground is open year round with full amenities.  www.chainolakescamp.com
  • The SMSC will again have uniformed security officers in the pits at all times. They will be responsible for monitoring activities throughout the area and enforcing the "No Alcohol" rule. If ANYONE is found with alcohol in the pits, your event passes/tags will be taken and you will be removed from the property IMMEDIATELY. If you are a driver caught with or "smelling" of alcohol the officers will assess the situation and take appropriate actions, at the very least resulting in the forfeiture of race privileges and entry fees. The possibility of being turned over to local law enforcement is highly probable

Vehicle Classes   [back]

  • ​7 competitive classes: Sportsman Class, DOT 35"down, DOT 36" up, ANYTIRE, SuperMod, Power Adder class, and now including the GRZ Snow Conquest side by side class for UTVs.
  • Tire size is determined by sidewall markings, not actual measurements.
  • Metric tire sizes are considered as follows : 245 - 315 = 35" down class.  Odd metric sizes will be physically measured.
  • Grooved tires are allowed as long as they were originally DOT approved tires.
  • No aftermarket forced induction or Nitrous allowed in DOT classes
  • Vehicles CAN NOT tire up. It is not allowed to run 33" tires in the 36" & Up class.  Tires under the vehicle must match the class being raced.

Sportsman Class (SC)

  • Sportsman now one single class
  • DOT tires only
  • Tire sizes up to 37" allowed
  • No cut tires.  Grooved tires will be permitted with a max cut width of 3/8" wide.  Any multi-pass(side by side) grooves measuring larger than 3/8" will disqualify the tire and not be allowed.   
  • Limited to vehicles running a "stock engine block and displacement."  This is gauged by the number of cylinders, not CID. This means a vehicle must be running the same manufacturer block ( i.e. CJ7 having AMC block) and will be limited to engine cylinder count that were available from the factory.  Example: Wranglers, S-series trucks are limited to 6 cyl.  No V8s. 
  • Vehicles must run a muffler with a minimum body.length of 14".   No "race bullet" mufflers allowed.
  • Muffler must be inline with the exhaust system, mounted no closer than 28" to the collector or actual "Y" junction.
  • Vehicle must have a full factory frame. Suspension modifications are allowed(e.g., suspension lift kit )
  • These rules applies ONLY to the Sportsman tire classes.

* These classes are being implemented to bring the racing action back to the "everyday Joe."  It is intended to provide fairly "stock" vehicles that may be running larger tires or lift kits a place to have a fighting chance at winning.  It's no secret the bar has steadily raised every year with faster and better vehicles competing.  This has pushed the "everyday Joe" out of the racing since there is little hope to win when lining up against a 700+HP dedicated race truck.  The rules are in place to keep the high horsepower rigs out of these classes.  On that note, I'm sure there will be people trying to "cheat" their way in.  Keep in mind no one likes a cheater, and no one respects or appreciates someone dominating the racing because their vehicle was obviously "over qualified."  So play fair, be realistic, and don't ruin it for everyone else by racing where you shouldn't.  Remember, let everyone  HAVE FUN!

DOT Tire Classes

  • 35" down DOT Tire class, 36" & Up DOT Tire class
  • Power-Adder Class:  Vehicles racing in the P-A class are required to run DOT tires and retain at least 50% factory chassis.  Allowable are nitrous, turbos, and bolt-on street superchargers, e.g. Vortech, Pro Charger, ect.          * Superchargers MUST be serpentine/V-belt driven systems like the above mentioned.  Cog belt drive superchargers(e.g. Weiand, B&M) are NOT permitted.
  • Vehicles racing in DOT and ANY TIRE classes will be required to remove nitrous bottles from the vehicle. It will no longer be acceptable to just disconnect the line.

Special Vehicle Classes
  • Three classes: ANY-TIRE, SuperModified, UTV
  • ANY-TIRE class : No aftermarket forced induction or nitrous.  Any modifications, tuning, lift kits, tire size and style(including non DOT tires) are allowed
  • SuperModified : Alcohol, turbo, blower, or any other kind of aftermarket forced air induction means you enter into this class.  Non - DOT tires allowed.  Pretty much anything goes. 

UTV Class
  • The GRZ Conquest Series brings back the GRZ Snow Conquest to the SMSC in 2017!
  • Open to all side by side vehicles like Polaris RZR, Can Am Maverick 
  • All race vehicles must be a recognized UTV class vehicle with side by side seating across the front driver's area.
  • Front seating must be capable of accommodating two(2) occupants side by side. No single seaters. 
  • Drivers only, no passengers. 
  • Must have functioning seat belts or harnesses.
  • At this point there will NOT be any engine size divisions as at the Dirt Conquest.
  • No tire restrictions. 
  • UTVs will race head to head on a semi obstacle course which could contain jumps, whoops, multiple turns. 
  • ​We will once again race with a "handicap" depending on engine size differences.

Entry Fees / Admission   [back]
  • In an attempt to streamline the morning rush and monitor competitor numbers, ALL competitors MUST pre-register.
  • A $10 non-refundable registration deposit is required before registration can be submitted. 
  • A cap on class entries is in place.
  • There will be NO/NONE/ZERO entries/registrations available the day of the event.
  • There will be a Master List on hand to check each competitor.  
  • Competition vehicles : *$35/vehicle first class entry , $25.00/vehicle each additional class..  *Includes two CREW Passes
  • A $10 non-refundable registration deposit is required when registering. This will be credited toward your competition registration
  • Spectator entry fee : $10.00/ adult, $5.00/ children (12 under), $5.00/ Seriors & veterans/military 
  • All spectators and drivers will receive a lift ticket style tag that must be worn and visible for the duration of the event.


Schedule / Itinerary   [back]

  • Pre Parking/registration - gates open from 3:00 - 7:00pm
  • Saturday Competitors ONLY are allowed to park Friday
  • This year Friday will be run just as Sat/Sun morning.  Vehicles will run through the two line inspection area and then parked after tech is done.
  • Any competition vehicles arriving Friday will be required to go through tech inspection, receive necessary ribbons and number, and pay competition registration fees. ($35/first class,$25/additional class)
  • If you are driving to the event in the vehicle you are competing with, it is highly recommended that you leave your vehicle in the lot to avoid the line in the morning.
  • Anyone entering the main parking area are required to have a Pit Pass.

*Please note - Any vehicles parked in the main competition parking lot NOT registered through tech inspection, or unattended trailers whos owners can not be located, will be REMOVED from the parking lot at the owners expense.  Pass on the word.

  • 35" & Down DOT class, 36" & Up DOT class, ANY - TIRE class
  • 7:00 am - 11:00 am : Ivan's Lodge @ Schuss Mtn. serves up a breakfast buffet.  $10.00
  • 8:15 am - 10:00 am : Gates open, check in and tech begins.  
  • 10:30 am : Drivers meeting and general announcements.  Racing to begin immediately following.
  • 35" & Down class begin racing on the ski slope "Good Knight."
  • Short intermission then the 36" class begins racing.
  • Short intermission then the ANY - TIRE class begins racing
  • Early evening : Trophies, awards, raffle prizes will be presented in the Ivan's Lodge after racing concludes.  

Sunday  *subject to change
  • Sportsman class, GRZ Snow Conquest UTV class, Power-Adder class, SuperModified class
  • 8:15 am - 10:00 am : Gates open, registration and tech begins.  
  • 10:00 am : Drivers meeting and general announcements.  Racing to begin immediately following.
  • Sportsman class begin racing on the ski slope "Mellow Yellow."
  • Short intermission before the Power-Adder class takes on Good Knight.  
  • GRZ Snow Conquest takes the hill for the first UTV competition on the slopes.
  • Equipment will then be moved over and readied for the SuperModified class to run/complete on "The Face.
  • Early evening : Trophies, awards, door prizes will be presented in the Ivan's Lodge after racing concludes.
  • 2016 Schuss Mtn Snow Challenge concludes

The Madman Motorsports monster ride truck will be on hand all weekend providing rides for everyone.  Thanks go out to Rick  from Madman and Elliot from Monster Truck Throwdown Events for working with us to be a part of the Schuss Mountain Snow Challenge.  Prices will be $5.00 

The 2017 Schuss Mtn Snow Challenge would not be possible without the help from these great businesses and organizations.

Interested in hillside advertising?  Would you like to promote your business with a vendor spot?  Email SnowChallenge@Griztekusa.com for advertising and vendor spot info and rates.

What's new for the 2017 SMSC?  [back]
  • As a result of the continuous problems with competitors getting themselves stuck on the hills, each race will be monitored by the line crew. Simply put... if a competitor buries their vehicle and has to be recoved on the hill their class tag will be removed and they'll be sent to the pits forfeiting that class of racing.  Common sense will be used to make said decision and decided between the 3 linesmen. There are extenuating circumstances which will be considered.  But make it easy, don't get stuck.
  • Crew Passes:  Crew passes will only be available when going through Tech Inspection, at which time competitors MUST obtain all the passes needed for the weekend.
  • Comp parking/pits will be open to the public until 10:00 am on event days.  At that time security will sweep the pits and anyone not holding a CREW PASS will be required to move into the spectator area. 
  • The SMSC will again have uniformed security officers in the pits at all times. They will be responsible for monitoring activities throughout the area and enforcing the "No Alcohol" rule. If ANYONE is found with alcohol in the pits, your event passes/tags will be taken and you will be removed from the property IMMEDIATELY. If you are a driver caught with or "smelling" of alcohol the officers will assess the situation and take appropriate actions, at the very least resulting in the forfeiture of race privileges and entry fees. The possibility of being turned over to local law enforcement is highly probable.  
  • The 2017 SMSC brings back the GRZ Conquest Series and the GRZ Snow Conquest.  The course will be a drivers course with multiple obstacles.  "This aint no straight line drag"
  • For the first time Shanty Creek Resorts will be running the BLUE charirlift during the event.  You will be able to ride the chairlift to the top of the hill and back down for a small fee
  • Friday will be open ONLY to Saturday competitors.  
  • Competitors will go through the same Tech inspection run Sat/Sun morning.    Comp vehicles must remain in the parking lot on trailer(unless you are driving your rig there.)If choosing to come in Friday you will also need to pay for the race classes entered.  Competitors will also receive their entry event tag for the weekend as well.  DO NOT LOSE IT!  Any misplaced tags will have to be repurchased.  Only competitors can acquire their Crew Pass event tags for the weekend(no spectator tags will be distributed) 

Tech/Safety Requirements  [back]

  • DOT / SNELL helmet requied to be worn during racing.

  • Vehicles must have restraining devices ( i.e. seatbelts, multi point harnesses )

  • Battery hold down strap.  No bungee cords
  • Vehicles competing will only need to run through Tech once for all classes throughout the weekend.  It is the competitors responsibility to retain their class ribbons and number.

* Information is subject to change without notice

Downloads  [back]

Racing Format Explained?  [back]

* * * Drivers/competitors are not required to know this information.  This is presented for understanding, not required memorization.

     Because the SMSC is a heads up, run what you brung, just-have-fun-racing style meant for pure enjoyment(so all you serious racers out there, lets not nit-pick this to death.....) and minimal rules/bracket concerns, we will be retaining the hat draw initiated at the 2012 SMSC.  The main focus of this is to avoid going into the semi final rounds with an odd number of trucks.   What happens will be determined by how many trucks are still racing toward the end of the class.  Every effort was taken to assure no one received a "free ride" into the Semi Finals.  Drivers will always have to race and win to get into the Semi Final round.  It is broken down as follows:

10 Trucks remain:  10 drivers draw from the hat, 4 tiles say "RACE".  Those drivers drawing the "RACE" tiles will race for the 7th and 8th positions to make it to the Semi Final round with the left over 6.
9 Trucks remain:  9 drivers draw from the hat, 2 tiles will have "RACE" written on them.  The 2 drivers drawing the "RACE" tiles will go head to head and race to win the 8th spot.  Winner continues and simple single elimination continues from there.
8 Trucks remain:  Obvious, no action.  8 leads to a 4 truck Semi-Finals.
7 Trucks remain:  7 drivers draw from the hat, 2 tiles will have "RACE" written on them.  Those 2 drivers will go head to head and race for a BYE into the final 4.  The loser in that race will file back in with the remaining 5(making 6 trucks race), leaving 3 winners to join the BYE winner for a 4 truck semi.
6 Trucks remain:  All 6 drivers race.  3 winners will advance to the Semi Final round.  The 3 LOSERS will draw from the hat, two will race for the 4th position.

     This set up is meant to be simple and straight forward.  It isn't any sanctioning body's rules or professional by any means.  This is the SMSC format.  PERIOD!  It's meant to keep things moving along during the main body of racing, yet allows the event to slow down as each class nears end.  At this point in racing many trucks need time to cool off anyhow, and allows the staff to prepare for the final rounds.  So, just like so many other parts of the event . . . JUST HAVE FUN WITH IT!      

What is the Schuss Mountain Snow Challenge?  [back]

     The roots of the event lay in an event missed for years in Northern Michigan.  For over a decade ski slope uphill racing was absent from the calendar of winter time activities.  In 2009 all that changed.
     The Schuss Mountain Snow Challenge (SMSC) was born from an ever present interest in the motorsports community for the return of an event like this for all to enjoy.  The head to head racing format lends to nearly non stop action for the duration of the classes racing.  The minimal requirements meant everyone could worry less about rules and focus more on having fun. 
     What is the SMSC?  It is a run-what-you-brung, side by side, uphill race with whatever kind of truck, SUV, buggy, rail, or self dirived vehicle you can drive on 4 wheels.  The rounds move fast and the racing is non stop until the end.  The rules are minimal.  What you won't find are big purses and a bunch of restriction cramping the fun factor.  The only requirement to be a part of the event is to come losened up and remind yourself that it's for FUN!  Don't get too serious... Seriously!  
     Everyone at the SMSC comes because this is the only event(that we know of) where you can race your truck up a ski slope.  A SKI SLOPE for crying out loud!  Usually you would be arrested and have your rig impounded for doing something like this.  No one comes for the big money, corporate sponsorship, or to wrangle in the points.  Show up ready to race, run your hardest, and just have a good time.

Photos below courtesy of Joanie Moore and Shawn Clanin.  Visit their gallery of photos from the past SMSC years and help support their efforts to capture some of the best images coming from the event. www.joaniemoore.com  

 SMSC Liability Form  

 SMSC Registration Form  

 SMSC Master List  

*Last updated 3/1/17 

Register for the SMSC <<<<====Click here
1) Click the Register link
2)Put in the competitor's name over the "PAY" button before you click it.
3) Make your payment  
4) After making payment and on the confirmation page, click the "Return to Merchant" link. This takes you to the registration form page.

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