Radius arm frame mount was built from 1/4" angle iron which allowed for a large surface area to weld.  The width was perfect for he S-series frame rails.  Only one slight bend was needed to contour to the frame angle at this point in the frame.  Radius bushings from a F*@d Bronco(sin sin....)  The bushing mount face was 1/4" steel welded in and reinforced with a brace to equal out the load distribution.

The arm ends were machined by a good friend.  It is the only piece I did NOT make myself(other than the Tera Flex high steer arm.)  It was machined to fit snuggly inside the DOM tubing about 5-6".  The piece was then welded around the perimeter at the end and along 4 cuts down the length of the DOM for added security and strength.

The mount itself was suppose to double up as the new tranny crossmember mount(hence the extra length.)  Unfortunately, the position wasn't right once I got to that point and decided to just build a new custom crossmember.  <back>