Motorcycle detailing takes a special touch.  Griztek Motorcycle detailing service covers what is called a "perimeter" detail.  This refers to all the visible areas of the motorcycle that are painted or chromed.    Here is what you get with a Griztek Motorcycle detail:

- All chrome will be polished and buffed to a mirror like finish.
- Painted surfaces will be cleaned and buffed to a high luster with a premium wax.
- Instruments cleaned, including turn signal controls and other misc. buttons.
- Exhaust pipes polished.
- Exposed, painted frame pieces buffed to a shine.
- Engine case aluminium cleaned.
- Engine case painted surfaces cleaned and waxed.
- And more....................
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Motorcycle Detailing
Accessory Restoration
Boat Detailing
Winters in Michigan can have a profound effect on metal accessories such as nerf bars, trailer hitches, grill/brush guards, and tire carriers.  This effect  is more commonly known as RUST.   Rust is not only unsightly to look at, but it also compromises the integrity of the metal on which it grows. (eventually causing that piece to fail.)

With Griztek's Accessory Restoration, your factory or aftermarket pieces can be returned to a more ethetically pleasing condition in just three steps.

1.   Item will be sand blasted to remove rust and scales.
2.   A primer strong enough to be used on United States Navy submarines will be             applied.
3.   A black polyurethane coating will be applied over the entire piece(s.)

This process will seal out 99% of the rust causing moisture that destroys metal.  All the while leaving your accessory with a brand new, chip resistant shell.
*Price:  Quote w/ prices starting at $75.00

* Price includes all materials.  Additional labor cost if item must be removed from vehicle.
Information on all of our auto detailing packages....
Motorcycle detailing with a personal touch.
Have your boat looking it's best this summer.
The most important part of a Griztek Motorcycle detail is the personalized service.  Only avid motorcyclists know what it takes to make a bike look great.  We can and will work with you to make sure your package is custom tailored to you and your motorcycle's needs.

"Where personalized service is important"
Restore your trailer hitch, brush guard, nerf bars, or most any vehicle add on accessory to a new like appearance.
Package prices start at $129.95
Boat detailing packages include the following:

- Wash and "wax"  the hull.
- Vacuum all carpets within the interior of the boat.
- Spot treat any stains and mildew.
- Polish all exterior trim chrome.
- Polish all interior trim chrome.
- Clean all gauges and instruments.
- Clean all on board seats
- Apply marine protectant to all vinyl
- Clean any cubbies or storage bins.
Boat detailing prices:  $14.00 / FT

Boats also qualify for our Onsite detailing.  We can come to you and your boat when it isn't convenient for your boat to come to us.
Onsite Detailing
We can come to you!  Click for details
Onsite Detailing
With our Onsite Detailing service you can have your car, truck, SUV, or boat cleaned at your home.  We will bring the necessary equipment, you provide an electrical power and water source. 

Our Onsite Detailing service is perfect for:

- Parents that can't leave their children.  Allows for instant access to your vehicle in case of         emergency.
- Boats that are long and a hassle to tow around town.
- Vehicles that may not have current registration or insurance.
- Anyone who finds it troublesome to find a ride to and from the detail shop to drop off your vehicle for 6 hours.
Paintless Dent Repair
Repair those little dings that you just can't look past. at a fraction of the cost of traditional body shops.
Glass Repair
Fix the small star breaks and bullseyes before they turn into BIG problems.  Avoid replacing your windshield.
Paint/Bumper Blemish Repair
Scratches, bumper scuffs, paint chips
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