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Never Forget.
3/9/15: That's all folks.  Registration for the 2015 SMSC is officially closed.  Thank you to everyone that signed up and we'll see you in a few weeks!

3/5/15: Last call to sign up for the 2015 Schuss Mountain Snow Challenge! Registration will officially close Monday, March 9.

3/4/15: Updates regarding the pit area are now posted on the website under "What's new for 2015". Items printed in blue are the most recent updates and changes. It's really a clarification of how the pits will work and what will be available to drivers. Drivers and management all agree it is a good compromise that allows teams to still bring the necessary bodies they want with them.

1/29/15: The master list is updated online and ready for people to check out. Contact us if there are changes. The 36"Up DOT tire class is now officially closed.

1/24/15: As of today there are over 160 entries in for the 2015 SMSC. Because all of you die hards ROCK, we must already CLOSE the 35"Down DOT and the ANY-TIRE classes.  We will be double checking all the info and evaluating where it all stands. But as of today and until further notice, those classes are closed.