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3/9/15: That's all folks.  Registration for the 2015 SMSC is officially closed.  Thank you to everyone that signed up and we'll see you in a few weeks!

3/5/15: Last call to sign up for the 2015 Schuss Mountain Snow Challenge! Registration will officially close Monday, March 9.

3/4/15: Updates regarding the pit area are now posted on the website under "What's new for 2015". Items printed in blue are the most recent updates and changes. It's really a clarification of how the pits will work and what will be available to drivers. Drivers and management all agree it is a good compromise that allows teams to still bring the necessary bodies they want with them.

1/29/15: The master list is updated online and ready for people to check out. Contact us if there are changes. The 36"Up DOT tire class is now officially closed.

1/24/15: As of today there are over 160 entries in for the 2015 SMSC. Because all of you die hards ROCK, we must already CLOSE the 35"Down DOT and the ANY-TIRE classes.  We will be double checking all the info and evaluating where it all stands. But as of today and until further notice, those classes are closed.
8/14/15:  Pieces of the puzzle are coming together, but as always the GRZ team and Treetops are waiting on the "other people."   For now keep the weekend of Oct 24th on your calendar and stay tuned for more updates.  I know everyone is amp'd up for more news, so in the mean time here are some general details about the event...
- There will be multiple SxS classes that will be broken into engine size classes i.e. 800, 900, 1000+, Unlimited.   We are also planning on having a Farm/Utility class(Gator, Ranger, ect) and a Powder Puff class for the ladies.

 7/4/15 :  The team that brings you the Schuss Mountain Snow Challenge is proud to announce the GRZ Conquest Series.  Beginning this fall Treetops Resorts in Gaylord, MI, and GRZ Productions will host the initial running of the Dirt Conquest.  Following this winter will be at least one Snow Conquest event.  Stay tuned for race details and information.  Sponsorship and vendor positions will be available.  

  You asked for it... now it's here!