With Griztek  there is no silly $50 upcharge for basic colors like some of the others.

Choose from:
# Black
# Dark Green
# Red
# Pewter
# Blue
# Safety Yellow
# Light Grey
# Dark Grey

Custom colors available for special order.  Sky's the limit.  

Affordable spray in bed liner without sacrificing the  quality you expect.   Griztek Auto Appearance & Off Road has joined Ultimate Linings to offer their Qwik Liner bed liner system to Northern MI.  With nearly 20 years in the business Ultimate Linings only uses the highest grade polyurethanes and ployureas made in their own chemical plants here in the U.S. , giving them more control over quality and giving the latitude to develop custom spray on products. And....

100% Solid materials with no volatile organic compounds (VOC's) means Griztek's Ultimate Linings/Qwik Liner is EVIROMENTALLY SAFE!
Our linings contain no VOCs or CFCs, so you won't have to worry about contributing to Global Warming or ruining the environment.

Aromatic polyurea hybrid & aliphatic polyurea, 100% solids, two component coatings. Available in a full range colors, the Qwik Liner™ Spray-On coatings are the real thing. Industry proven for over a decade and until now applied only with expensive equipment; the Qwik Liner™ HYBRID Coat and ALPHA Coat are the most economical solutions to professional grade applications where an anti-slip, chemical resistant, abrasion proof coating is absolutely necessary.

Qwik Liner™ HYBRID Coat is a 100% solids, two component, polyurea hybrid coating. HYBRID Coat is primarily used for lining truck beds, van and SUV interiors or the repair of existing sprayed on bedliners. Other automotive uses include undercoating and rocker guard protection. HYBRID Coat also works well as a protective coating on utility trailers, horse and boat trailers. Contains no volatile organic compounds (VOC's)

Qwik Liner™ ALPHA Coat is a 100% solids, two component aliphatic polyurea coating. ALPHA Coat is primarily used for applications that require high UV stability and stronger chemical and corrosion resistance. The ALPHA Coat is ideal for truck beds, marine and industrial applications. Contains no volatile organic compounds (VOC's)

What it is 


    * Tensile Strength: 2200psi
    * Elongation : 160%
    * Hardness: 53 Shore D
    * Abrasion Resistance: Excellent 
Other Applications(it's more than just a bed liner.)

 Automotive Applications:

Ideal for Automotive applications the Qwik Liner™ 100% solids coatings are a permanently bonded protective barrier between your vehicle and the outside environment, protecting you inves™ent from rust, dents, scratches, and chemical corrosion. Unlike drop-in liners that promote payload slippage, and allow moisture and dirt to get trapped underneath causing rust and corrosion, the Qwik Liner™ coating sets in seconds, conforming to every curve of your vehicle with a durable bond that is ready for use the same day! Extend the life of your vehicle and increase the NADA/ Blue Book re-sale value with a real sprayed-on bedliner. 

    * Truck Bedliners
    * Automotive undercoating
    * Utility & Equipment Trailers
    * Horse & Boat Trailers
    * Delivery truck floors, ramps & steps
    * Van & SUV Interiors
    * Jeep & Four-Wheeler Body Restoration
    * Industrial & commercial equipment bodies
    * Travel Trailers
    * Motor home roofs
    * Dump Trucks

Industrial Applications:

Qwik Liner™ can be applied to a wide range of products and equipment, designed to protect a variety of substrates in all types of industry. Our environmentally-safe coatings, made of 100% solids, offer high tensile strength, impressive elongation, and superior abrasion & corrosion resistance.

    *Secondary Containment
    *Solid Waste Handling Equipment
    *Manhole Renovation
    *Water & Sewage Trea™ent & Containment
    *Chemical Tanks
    *Hoppers & Chutes
    *Tanks, Pipes, Ponds, Tunnels & Reservoirs
    *Industrial Floors
    *Concrete Block & Poured Walls
    *Mining Equipment
    *Agricultural Equipment
    *Decorative Products & Signage
    *Highway Markings
    *Asbestos & Lead Encapsulate

Marine Applications:

Qwik Liners™ 100% solids coatings are perfect for a variety of marine applications. From ships to fishing boats and pleasure craft, onshore installations such as cranes, decks, containers and ramps. With advanced, environmentally friendly products Qwik Liner™ can get the job done.

    *Boat decks & steps & ramps
    *Marine hulls
    *Marine storage compartments & engine rooms
    *River rafts
    *Marina decks, ramps & steps
    *Pond Liners
    *Swimming pools

Flooring Applications:

Residential and industrial flooring applications represent a substantial volume of the polymers used by the building industry. Qwik Liner™ offers a variety of colors and formulations that have good chemical resistance and will create a water tight surface.

    *Highway Bridges
    *Retaining Walls
    *Noise Abatement Walls
    *Tennis Courts
    *Pool & Patio Decks

Want color?